Expertiseand our Philosophy

Nathaniel Johnston & Fils are located at the heart of the famous Chartrons district, the historic centre of the Bordeaux wine trade. Embodied by the different generations that have built up the company, the premises, equipped with all the new technology needed for today’s trading, instills confidence.

"We are highly committed to traditional values as regards everything300 yearsof experience to do with the true spirit of wine. However, this is in no way contradictory with a modern, innovative approach when it comes to commercial matters or viticultural and winemaking techniques," explains Archibald Johnston.

A strict quality control policy

The Johnston family policy has always been to focus on quality production, essentially top of the range wines. All wines that are aged and stored in their cellars have been through a very strict selection process, based on frequent tastings.

Nathaniel Johnston & Fils specialise in a complete range of2 millionbottles in stock classified growths, but also offer a range of other, less exalted, château wines providing consistently reliable quality.

The firm's close relationship with châteaux is built on the trust that comes from working together year after year.

Maison Johnston regularly monitors the wines it sells: they frequently visit wine estates, oversee quality during the harvest, and often hold comparative tastings.

This quality-orientated approach is also applied to generic wines and vins de table, that must meet extremely strict criteria.

Nath Johnston & Fils is one of the very few Négociants that still have their own large warehouses. Covering more that 100 000 square feet, this allows them to offer a large choise of old vintages that have never moved, a guarantee of optimum quality.

A sense of trust and loyalty

The relationship between Maison Johnston and their customers is based on trust and a long-term commitment.

10 000sq. ftof air-conditioned
storage capacity
The core group of very loyal, private customers in France enables the firm to test market new wines that they have selected. Private customers represent a limited part of the activity in France, the remainder being sold to large firms.

On the export markets, Nathaniel Johnston & Fils deal primarily with major importers. All of these foreign firms have a long-established reputation for professionalism and work very hard to distribute Bordeaux wines.

Export represents the core business of the house Nathaniel Johnston & Fils, which distributes the great Bordeaux wines around the world. Distribution in over50 countries His current main markets are the United States (where one U.S. importer is the chief supplier to the White House), Canada, Europe (England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Norway), Asia (Japan, Hong-Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates),... with the idea of also developing new markets, including the countries of Eastern Europe.

Today, Nath Johnston & Fils aims to consolidate and maintain partnership relationships with our importers. Wishing to perpetuate the traditional world of Bordeaux great wines and be its ambassador, we strive to provide quality service throughout the world.